Open Country Press

Open Country Press seeks submissions from dynamic and original voices for Bright Bones: Contemporary Montana Writing, an anthology of innovative literature. We are looking for fresh poems, stories, lyric essays and translations, as well as cross-genre, collaborative and experimental works. Emerging and established writers from Montana and/or those who have spent a significant amount of time in Montana are invited to submit 3-5 poems or up to 20 pages of prose or other (no previously published work, please). Include a bio with your submission, along with a description of your connection to Montana. DEADLINE: December 31st, 2016.

Check out our first publication Verde Que Te Quiero Verde: Poems after Federico Garcia Lorca below.

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Verde Que Te Quiero Verde: Poems after Federico Garcia Lorca

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Verde Que Te Quiero Verde is an anthology of poems after Federico Garcia Lorca, the great Spanish poet. It is filled with poems in English (with two in Spanish with translation). The authors reflect on Lorca or embody his spirit as they consider what is happening in the world around them right now. Lorca himself was assassinated in 1936 for being who he was–an artist and a rabblerouser. He refused to conform. Let’s refuse with him. Read the poem that inspired the title of this book, ‘Romance Sonambulo’, here.  Contributors include: Sandra Alcosser, Ralph Angel, Arlene Biala, Lorna Knowles Blake, Jolene Brink, Heather Cahoon, Eduardo Chirinos, Chris Dombrowski, Annie Finch, Henrietta Goodman, Tami Haaland, Katherine Hastings, Claire Hibbs, Bob Kaufman, Adrian Kien, Keetje Kuipers, Romy LeClaire Loran, Antonio Machado, Kaylen Mallard, Tod Marshall, Rachel Mindell, Sharon Olds, Natalie Peeterse, Amy Ratto Parks, Shann Ray, Ryan Scariano, Karin Schalm, Daniel E. Shapiro, Sharma Shields, Ml Smoker, Catherine Theis, Nance Van Winkle, Miles Waggener and Ellen Welcker.